Alfiah Rahmawati, Friska Realita


The issue of sexuality has always been a hot topic among teenagers
associated with the development of sexual behavior. Adolescents often have an
insatiable curiosity about sexual matters and forced the teen to seek access to
information through magazines, books, and movies that present the pornography and
porno-action that would eventually lead to things undesirable. The purpose of this
study to determine the effect of knowledge on premarital sexual behavior in
This study is a kind of descriptive analytical study using cross sectional
approach. Collecting data using questionnaires, the respondents were 70 people with
a probability sampling technique. The data obtained were processed statistically
using the chi square.
Based on the analysis obtained from 70 respondents in this study showed that
(x2) = 3,702 while the calculation table (x2) with a significant level of 0.05 should be
obtained (x2) = 5,9915 and the value of sig p = 0.157, which means p> 0.05. Ha then
rejected and that means there is no correlation between knowledge of the behavior.
There is no the relationship of knowledge between premarital sexual behavior
in adolescents (pvalue> 0.05)

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